Is It Safe to Take Stool Softeners to Treat the Pregnancy Constipation

Is It Safe to Take Stool Softeners After Giving Birth

The stool softeners are normally considered as safe one during the pregnancy in which the pregnancy constipation is defined as having less than 3 bowls movements a week. The stool softeners such as moisten, colace the stool and make it easier to pass where these products will not harm the developing baby because the active ingredients present in the stool softeners is only minimally absorb one by the body. Check with your physician and health care provider about using the stool softener, however before taking any kind of the medication that includes the stool softeners or other type of laxatives, first you need to treat the pregnancy constipation. You also need to keep in mind that the pregnancy constipation can be prevented with the change in lifestyle methods for example.

Follow the physical activity in your daily routine process – When you are being active then it can help you to prevent the pregnancy constipation.

Drink plenty of fluids – Water is the good choice where you can also have the prune juice that also helps you in preventing the constipation.

Include more fiber content foods in your diet – Choosing the high fiber foods such as like beans, fruits, whole grains and vegetables will improves your health

Is It Safe to Take Stool Softeners to Treat the Pregnancy Constipation

Post pregnancy advice designed for moms

If you are pregnant then your whole body will face traumatic changes in which the occasion giving birth to a baby, then these changes will possibly be ended up. The first thing many hospitals and the doctors like to make sure that your waste system and plumbing are functioning well. They also use the best stool softener for postpartum process just to make the delivery operation as an easy process without giving your more pain.

Having the high dietary fiber content meals and as well as drinking lots of water after the delivery will helps you in making the very first bowel movement unpleasant one. Where this is usually a bit hard one to the mom that gave birth via c-section process because they are commonly a some liquid diet for initial day so quite often you will need a help of prune fruit juice or stool softener to make your pregnancy.

In general, the postpartum phase is found to be the most women are drinking lots of coffee or eating sweet items, where this is simply not a nutritious one and this will make it very difficult to lose the weight after the delivery so once when you drop it from now you can reduce your weight easily.

Eating well after your pregnancy

You may become exhausted and overwhelmed while recovering from childbirth and caring for the baby who has no time, it is very important that you want to eat well during your pregnancy that to you need to follow the healthy diet just to keep your body healthy and stronger. In general women will be requiring all the energy for taking care of your baby once they are home from the hospital. A new mother who is sleep deprived then she will be miserable so it is very important one to eat health foods in order to maintain what energy you do have in your body.

A healthy diet will help you to fight the postpartum baby blues that affects nearly the eight percent of new mothers and this usually begins around fourth or fifth day after delivery and it lasts anywhere for a week or for 10 days. Some symptoms are extreme emotions and unexplained episodes of crying. Although pregnancy can be difficult one and many women find the postpartum period to be more difficult one where it is just you need to take important care on yourself now as when you are pregnant. Continue to take the vitamin tablets as per the direction of your physician even though you have already got delivered and following with your healthy diet chart.

List of best stool softener products for postpartum

The following are the best stool softener for postpartum which you can make use during your pregnancy and this will help you reduce the discomfort and pain that arises during the pregnancy time.

Mirlax powder laxative

Philips milk of magnesia

Dulcolax pink stool softener

Colace stool softener for postpartum

Philips stool softener liquid gels

Colace 2 in 1 stool softener and stimulant laxative

Prunelax cirulex natural laxative regular tablets

If you have take iron supplements mention the constipation to your health care provider, although it is an iron supplement during the pregnancy where this is because when you have too much of iron in your body then it can contribute to the pregnancy constipation. Then you might have to take the stool softener if you are taking the iron supplement during your pregnancy.

Should I use the stool softener after delivery?

There are few different reasons why new moms are using the stool softener the first thing is that she will be constipated with the iron supplements that your physician may have given you if you have the significant postpartum blood loss in your body. In which the constipation also happen when your body gets dehydrated or if you are not eating healthy food items well. Another reason for getting the constipation is that you should make you pooping more comfortable. Some moms get the hemorrhoids because of the late pregnancy or from pushing during delivery where others will be having the tears on their eyes or incisions and here it is the place where the best stool softener can make you less discomfort and straining when you go into the pregnancy.

The recommended dose of the stool softener is of 100mg twice a day and you can take it in three times in a day and this product is available over the counter at all the drugstores. If you are taking the iron supplements then you can keep taking the postpartum stool softener for as long as you are using it and as per the direction of your physician.