How to Use a Bathtub
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How to Use a Bathtub

Bathing for children has never been a simple task for mothers, especially babies right? When I bathe my baby in my house, do mothers use tubs or pots? My family uses a special sized baby bath and thermometer to measure the temperature. Last time, many mothers asked me about the experience of using the bathtub for their children.

Should your baby use a bathtub?

The answer is yes, moms.

Firstly, the most specialized baby baths are manufactured with anti-slip properties to help them not to fall when no adults are around. If you use a normal pot, it will be very slippery, use a small pot so I do not have the environment to play, but using a large pot is afraid of children drowning. Every time you bath me, my nerves will scramble for sales during the flash sale.

Secondly, baby tubs are often designed with lovely motifs, which can be funny animal pictures or maybe flowers, vegetables, … make your child enjoy the bath to play with them. Naughty, very good for children who are afraid of water.

Can 3-year-old children use bathtub?

How to Use a Bathtub

The answer is too late. From birth, babies can bathe with adults. By about 3 months, babies can feel the feeling of bathing in water with a bath.

At this stage, your baby can play with water and by 4-6 years old he can turn over in the bath already. If one fine day you see your child in a bath, don’t be surprised.

By the time your child is 7 months old, he or she can taste the wall of the bath and stand up. However, mothers should note that in this case, it is advisable to use non-slip tubs and non-slip mats in the bathroom.

By 15 months of age onwards, he was very excited when he was bathed to play in the water. You can drop in the bathtub for children funny toys, attractive like babies,…

Should we use a mesh with a tub?

You can use it without using it. I don’t usually use baby shower nets because I’m lazy, partly because my baby doesn’t like them.

If you use a baby shower net, make sure to put your baby in the mesh first to avoid getting water in the ears.

Young children are hyperactive age so few children enjoy staying in one place for their mothers to bathe. Children prefer to play in the water instead, so I don’t use the shower net much.

How to choose a bathtub for your child

What are the criteria for mothers who go to buy a bath for their children? My experience in using the tub gives me a preference for safety, slip resistance, and thermometers. The bathtub has a function of measuring heat is very fond of mothers, do not be afraid to bathe in hot or cold water because looking at the heat 1 is known immediately.

Besides, depending on your preference, you can choose a bathtub with lovely motifs so your baby will enjoy it more when taking a bath.

Note also when choosing a bathtub for children that the mother should pay attention to the depth of the pot compared to the height of the child. Avoid choosing pots too deep for children in danger, should not choose shallow pots too children are prone to fall.

What kind of bathtub is good

If you go to a supermarket or a mother & baby shop, you will find hundreds of different types of baby baths from brands to prices. So choose a good bath?

Choose pots by material

Baby tubs are usually made of plastic. However, with the experience of using your baby’s tub, you should choose a tub made of PP to ensure safety. PP (Polypropylene) is very durable, does not stretch when pouring hot water, or does not pose a danger to children.

Choose bathtub according to the function of use

There are many types of pots such as non-slip plastic tubs, inflatable tubs, net-attached pots, thermostatic pots, brackets, etc., please choose the most suitable one. I only use a thermostatic bath, because this is more convenient and it is cheaper

Finding a baby tub to be safe is an important decision. Because if the baby is bathed in a suitable basin will create a sense of excitement, fear, and crying when the mother holds a shower. Particularly mother, the use of a baby tub will be extremely convenient for bathing your baby.How to Use a Bathtub

Choosing a bathtub for babies needs to meet the criteria?

A baby bath has a variety of features and uses. Before buying, you should imagine how to bath your baby, this will help you can identify the features needed to choose the right type of bathtub.

Some criteria that a mother can think of before buying a baby bath are:


If the mother has delivered by cesarean section, she can’t bend over to bathe her baby, then a bathtub that fits in the sink perfectly is a perfect choice. However, if you need a product that can be used for a long time, you should choose a standard sized bath.

Extra seats for babies

Most of the standard sized baby baths come with extra seats for them. This will help the mother use more than the bath. However, you should also refer to the recommendations about age and the accompanying support to determine the appropriate use for the product.

Sit support

Some infant bathtubs have a “block” to keep them from sliding. This is very important if the mother intends to use the bath for babies under 6 months old. In particular, parents who often bathe their babies in the shower will often need to use this feature.


The cleanliness of infant baths is also one of the criteria that moms need to think about before buying. In areas made of mesh or cloth, it is easy to build up the mold if not cleaned properly. Therefore, moms should choose a tub that has a removable or washable fabric or mesh parts.


The deeper the bathtub, the safer for the baby. However, moms should also choose the appropriate height to bring comfort to both the baby and the mother, because the higher the pot, the more she will have to bend lower to bathe her.