How to Avoid Back Pain While Breastfeeding
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How to Avoid Back Pain While Breastfeeding?

The phenomenon of breastfeeding mothers with back pain lies in common conditions after birth. There are many ways to fight off this unpleasant feeling so as not to affect you too much.

The act of breastfeeding is a beautiful and sacred bond. However, sometimes this is not always comfortable or comfortable because you may experience some sensation such as back pain that comes with feeding your baby.

Although this phenomenon is very common, if there is no remedy, the situation will become more serious. The following article will introduce the reason breastfeeding mothers have back pain and easy pain relief solutions.

How to Avoid Back Pain While Breastfeeding

The cause of breastfeeding back pain

There are quite a few causes of back pain during breastfeeding, such as

  • For the bodyweight, it is a burden by pregnancy.
  • Sometimes, heavy lifting also causes back pain when nursing mothers.
  • You experience a lot of pain during pregnancy or labor and these feelings have not completely disappeared after giving birth.
  • Besides, back pain is a consequence of previous injuries that you encounter, causing many difficulties in daily activities.
  • The most common cause of back pain may be for improper breastfeeding positions. You must not only put your child in the right position but also pay attention to your position and the surrounding support factors.

Way to reduce back pain when breastfeeding

Some tips to help reduce back pain during breastfeeding that you can refer to

How to Avoid Back Pain While Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding in the standing position

If a nursing mother has back pain when sitting, why not switch to a standing position? There are many baby carriers designed to help the mother feel more comfortable when the newborn is feeding, typically the best baby carrier for back pain. To know the features and uses of this wonderful baby carrier, please visit to learn, explore, and choose for yourself the most suitable baby carrier. This is one way to help prevent back pain. One thing to keep in mind when breastfeeding is that you should pay attention to if the baby latched on properly.

Pay attention to the location for the nursing infant

Poor feeding postures are the most common cause of back pain, and many mothers may unknowingly do so. You should not lean forward or neglect your body. We have also found that many women feel uncomfortable with certain breastfeeding positions. Therefore, try to breastfeed in unique positions to find the position that suits you best and is most comfortable.

Use pillow cushions

Occasionally, you’ll lean slightly forward to make it easier for your baby to breastfeed. However, this can put a lot of pressure on your back. Instead, use pillows under your back and bottom to raise your baby closer to your breasts. Also, use a back cushion during breastfeeding.

Use the right chair

If you’re sitting in a chair to feed your baby, it’s also important to choose the right chair. Avoid sitting in a deep cushion chair because it will cause back pain. Instead, choose a firm chair and sit upright.

Walk to relief pain

Walking is very effective in strengthening the back muscles. No matter how busy your baby care is, try to take at least 15 minutes a day to walk.

Rest at the same time with the baby

Getting adequate rest after birth is of utmost importance for any mother, especially if you have recently had a baby. To get rid of back pain during breastfeeding, pay attention to yourself. You should take a nap for a few minutes when your baby is sleeping instead of trying to stay awake to do housework because this will only cause the pain to last longer or even worse.

Drink lots of water

When engrossed in infant care, many mothers easily forget their need to drink water? Dehydration not only makes you feel tired and exhausted, but it can also lead to many types of aches, such as back pain. Therefore, drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water a day to avoid this situation.

Alternate hot and cold compresses

You can take an ice pack and place it on your back for 20 minutes, rest for 10 to 15 minutes, and then apply heat. This is a significant way to reduce lower back pain and upper back pain when breastfeeding.

Limit stress

Negative feelings like anger, stress, or even postpartum depression are more likely to happen to new mothers. Not only do they affect the mind, but they also have negative health effects, such as causing a nursing mother with back pain. If you find yourself overloaded, ask your husband or loved one to look after the baby so you can rest a little more and do what you need to feel more comfortable

How to Avoid Back Pain While Breastfeeding

Stretchy exercises reduce back pain while breastfeeding

Stretching is a great exercise to reduce back pain during breastfeeding and you can do the following  postures

Cat posture

  • Put your hands and feet on the floor
  • Look forward
  • Start breathing in, look at the floor, and arch your back upwards while squeezing your hip muscles
  • Hold for a few breaths
  • Slowly exhale and return to the original position
  • Repeat 5 – 10 times

Baby posture

  • Sit on the heel
  • Slowly bend forward, breathing evenly
  • Reach arms back to line up with your knees
  • Relax your shoulder muscles
  • Hold your posture as far as you can afford
  • If you want to end your posture, breathe evenly, and slowly lift yourself

Stretching chest muscles

  • Take a towel and roll horizontally
  • Place the towel on the floor and lay on the towel
  • Extending arms outward, elbows touch the floor, palms facing the ceiling
  • Deep breath
  • As you exhale, let your body push toward the towel

Bend forward with tightened elbows at back

  • Erect
  • Put your hands back and grasp your elbows
  • Slowly inhale
  • Lean forward while exhaling
  • Hold it still for 10-15 seconds
  • Relax to its original position

Giving yourself a little time to practice each day can bring you unexpected benefits. Hopefully, the information provided will help you understand what causes back pain for breastfeeding mothers and how this feeling will not affect the care of your baby.