Food Recovery Project

The Food Recovery Project began as a community service project, in April 2012, initially by members of the Minuteman Parent Association (MPA) and soon joined by Sustainable Arlington (SA) a Vision 2020 Environment Task Group Committee of the Town of Arlington.  SA is chapter of the Massachusetts Climate Action Network (MCAN).  Both the MPA and MCAN are 501(c)3 organizations.

Mission of the Food Recovery Project: Support those in need by diverting end-of-day food from local bakeries, cafes and grocers to non-profit organizations serving low income individuals and families in need, including students, the elderly and the physically challenged within local communities.


Communities Served by Recipient Organizations:  Arlington, Belmont, Boston (Charlestown), Lexington, Medford, Lawrence, Waltham and others.

Donor Bakeries, Cafes & Grocers:  Panera Bread, Starbucks, and Trader Joe’s

Success of the Program:  The program began April 2012.  Since April 2012 through May 2014 over 19,000 boxes of food has been diverted from being wasted to reaching to those in need.

For more information or for how you can help click here.  OR send an email to [email protected].

To watch a short documentary on the Food Recovery Project click here.

To listen to an interview about the Food Recovery Project click here.

Note:  Monetary donations can be made by making a restricted donation.  Donations can be mailed to Minuteman Parent Association, 758 Marrett Rd., Lexington, MA 02421 OR make online click here (go to the second section for restricted donations).