Advice for Parents

Advice for Parents

Along with the development of society and the explosion of information, now when deciding to have children, you need to equip a lot of knowledge and information to raise children well. However, sometimes too much information is available everywhere that will make you “disturbed” when taking care of your child and worry that not knowing what are the main issues that need to be addressed. We would like to provide you with the basic, necessary and practical information that you need to keep in mind in the process of raising children!

As soon as you know you’re pregnant, you’ll find that from elderly children without children to strangers who meet in the supermarket all seem ready to give you tips on raising and taking care of children, as if everyone has become a child care expert and are eager to share their experiences or advice in this area, even if they are consulted or not! However, you will be able to refer to the most carefree and practical advice about parenting with us. Below, we will provide very practical and useful information for child care, including even things you have never thought of or heard about such as tax exemptions for households. , reduce child support costs, or even tips for taking photos for babies or the benefits of teaching a second language when caring for children

Financial support

Media has made prospective parents very worried about the costs of raising children. The truth is that these costs can only be so expensive that you can afford them. Of course it costs a fair bit if you let your child take a violin class with a private teacher – a great thing for him if you can afford it, but you need to know that being a good parent doesn’t mean you have to have A huge income to raise children.

You can totally play with clay or read books in the library (all are free!). The fact that you can take a closer look to see the real “costs” of parenting is: lack of sleep, less time for yourself, less romance in conjugal , as well as the career affected by parenting. These non-material “costs” are the real price that almost every parent must go through in order to enjoy the joy of having a child.

Government support

Most parents are unaware that they are eligible to receive financial assistance for parents of government. Some of them are for testing only, but there are also other obvious allowances such as maternity benefits or child care costs.

Find out what kind of support you can get, and take care of your children with family tax breaks, and you and your family can get an amazing surprise! However, determining the benefits you receive as well as how to receive them is also a headache. However, let us advise you, and refer to the general child care and care processes that we have analyzed as simple and easy to understand as below.

Send children to kindergarten

Do you want or need to return to work immediately after birth? Or maybe you just need a few afternoons to meet friends, go to school, play sports or simply go to the hair salon? The problem is who will look after your children? Talking about preschoolers can make first-time parents feel nervous, especially when there are stories of top kindergartens with a waiting list that lasts up to 3 years. However, don’t worry: we are here to advise you on all the possible options and how to choose the environment that best suits your baby and your work conditions and family. You may find counseling useful even if you are a night shift worker or a nursing mother working from home. We also give you tips for making your choices comfortable for both mother and baby.

Child care experience

Visit the child care experience so you can get experience sharing from other parents. You can know how to detect a fever easily without the thermocouple, the best food to help your baby’s appetite, or more

Take pictures for your baby

You want to record the wonderful moments when caring for children, special moments of the baby … However, the results are often quite disappointing. Taking pictures for babies can be very difficult! Even the happiest kids can become irritable or shy when seeing the camera held up too many times.